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Iftar meal for local mosque

Good News has reached out to the local mosque to host an Iftar meal (meal breaking the fast) during Ramadan.  This will be on Sunday, May 26th.  Sunset is estimated at 9:45 on May 26 and we are to arrive one hour before, so at 8:45.  This will allow time for set up (plates, etc) and keep food hot (ovens available).  At sunset, the fast is broken with the eating of dates and water, followed by attending evening prayers (a shorter prayer period).  After prayers the meal is enjoyed by everyone followed by cleanup in preparation of night prayers that are much longer.  These prayers will begin at approximately 10:30 and will be a time when we are free to go.  A sign up sheet is available to indicate our attendance and food that you will provide.  For those that want to contribute but are unable to cook a dish or attend, New Asian Village caters religiously acceptable dishes.  Sharon Salyzyn will look after ordering if there is interest in doing so.  Indicate on the sign up sheet your name and say “cash contribution”.  Place your donation in the offering plate in a plain envelope with “IFTAR MEAL” written on it.

Contact Pastor Ian if you have questions or have not been at church to add your name to the sign up sheet.


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