Connected to God – Connected to Each other – Readings for Feb. 28 to March 5

Our Part in the Story:

Daily readings based on Sunday’s Narrative Lectionary text


February 28, 2016: Jesus is Challenged

Mark 12:1-17


Read a different text each day, and consider how it relates to Sundays lesson and to your daily experiences.


Monday, 2/29: The Unfruitful Vineyard

Isaiah 5:1-2

  • How does the Mark story build upon the images from Isaiah?


Tuesday, 3/1: The Unfruitful Vineyard

Isaiah 5:3-7

  • Do you think God really intends to destroy Israel or its religious leaders? If not, what does the extreme imagery mean?


Wednesday, 3/2: A Song of Victory

Psalm 118:1-6

  • How does one summon the faith to hold no fear for what could happen to them?


Thursday, 3/3: A Song of Victory

Psalm 118:21-24

  • Who were the builders that rejected the cornerstone?


Friday, 3/4: The Living Stone

1 Peter 2:4-8

  • How can you be a living stone?


Saturday, 3/5:The Question about the Resurrection

Mark 12:18-27

  • In what way does the “God of the living” guide your life?





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