Connected to God – Connected to Each Other : Readings for Jan.31 to Feb.6

Our Part in the Story:

Daily readings based on Sunday’s Narrative Lectionary text


January 31, 2016: Death of John the Baptist

Mark 6:1-29


Read a different text each day, and consider how it relates to Sundays lesson and to your daily experiences.


Monday, 2/1: Feeding the Five Thousand

Mark 6:30-44

  • How would you feel if you were trying to retreat and rest, and needy people kept following you?


Tuesday, 2/2: Jesus Walks on the Water

Mark 6:45-52

  • Why do you think that Jesus insisted on praying alone?


Wednesday, 2/3: The Tradition of the Elders

Mark 7:1-8

  • Did the Pharisees have a point? Were the disciples fulfilling Isaiah’s prophesies?


Thursday, 2/4: The Tradition of the Elders

Mark 7:9-23

  • Do you harmonize scriptures that contradict each other, or do you choose one over the other?


Friday, 2/5: Feeding the Four Thousand

Mark 8:1-10

  • Despite the fact that this is the second time Jesus performs a nearly identical miracle of feeding the masses, the disciples still don’t understand. Why do you think Jesus chose people who don’t get it to be his closest friends?


Saturday, 2/6: The Demand for a Sign

Mark 8:11-13

  • What makes you sigh deeply in your spirit?






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