Readings for October 18 to 24

Our Part in the Story:
Daily readings based on Sunday’s Narrative Lectionary text

October 18, 2015: Ruth
Ruth 1:1-17

Read a different text each day, and consider how it relates to Sunday’s lesson and to your daily experiences.

Monday, 10/19: Naomi and Ruth
Ruth 1:19-22
✤ Have you ever know someone who has returned to your hometown with great drama?

Tuesday, 10/20: Ruth Meets Boaz
Ruth 2:1-16
✤ Why was Boaz so generous to Ruth?

Wednesday, 10/21: Ruth in the Fields
Ruth 2:17-23
✤ Gleaning was a common way for landowners to provide for poor people. Is there any comparable form of charity in today’s culture?

Thursday, 10/22: Ruth and Boaz
Ruth 3:1-13
✤ Boaz was upstanding when Ruth came to him, noting that there was a closer relative who could care for her. Why do you think he made sure to follow convention so closely?

Friday, 10/23: The Marriage of Boaz and Ruth
Ruth 4:1-12
✤ How do you compare the treatment of Ruth as property in a transaction with how women are treated around the world today?

Saturday, 10/24: The Genealogy of David
Ruth 4:13-22
✤ What role does Ruth play in the history of the Jewish

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