Readings October 4 to 10

Our Part in the Story:
Daily readings based on Sunday’s Narrative Lectionary text

October 4, 2015: Moses and God’s Name
Exodus 1:8-14 [15-2:10]; 3:1-15

Read a different text each day, and consider how it relates to Sunday’s lesson and to your daily experiences.

Monday, 10/5: God Calls Moses to Action
Exodus 3:16-22
✤ How do you think Moses felt when God gave him this agenda?

Tuesday, 10/6: Moses’ Miraculous Power
Exodus 4:1-17
✤ How can Moses’ self-doubt help us embrace the ministry to which God calls each of us?

Wednesday, 10/7: Bricks without Straw
Exodus 5:1-22
✤ Have you ever spoken up for yourself and been punished for it? How did you respond?

Thursday, 10/8: Moses and Aaron vs. Pharaoh
Exodus 7:1-13
✤ Why do you think Pharaoh’s heart was so hardened?

Friday, 10/9: Warning of the Final Plague
Exodus 11:1-10
✤ What do you think life was like for the common Egyptian? Did they deserve to endure these plagues because of Pharaoh’s stubbornness? Why do you think God allowed this?

Saturday, 10/10: The Festival of Unleavened Bread
Exodus 13:3-10
✤ What personally meaningful events do you commemorate every year? Why do you remember them? How do you honor them?