Readings for September 27 to October 3

Our Part in the Story:
Daily readings based on Sunday’s Narrative Lectionary text

September 27, 2015: Jacob Wrestles God
Genesis 32:22-30

Read a different text each day, and consider how it relates to Sunday’s lesson and to your daily experiences.

Monday, 9/28: Jacob and Esau Meet
Genesis 33:1-11
✤ What did you expect Jacob and Esau’s reunion to be like?

Tuesday, 9/29: Jacob Returns to Bethel
Genesis 35:1-8
✤ What kinds of “foreign gods” do you need to get rid of?

Wednesday, 9/30: Jacob is Blessed By God
Genesis 35:9-15
✤ What is the importance of the blessing that Jacob received?

Thursday, 10/1: Joseph Dreams of Greatness
Genesis 37:1-11
✤ How would you have responded to Joseph’s dream if you were one of his brothers? Why do you think he shared that dream with them?

Friday, 10/2: Joseph is Sold by His Brothers
Genesis 37:12-36
✤ Which of the brothers in the story do you think you would have been?

Saturday, 10/3: Joseph Reveals Himself to his Brothers
Genesis 45:1-28
✤ Time has passed, and Joseph is in a high position in Egypt. His brothers come seeking aid. Why do you think Joseph kept his identity secret from his brothers until this time? Why did he reveal himself? Would you have done so in his place?