Readings for February 9 to 15

February 9, 2014
John 4:46-5:18

Key Verse: “Jesus said to [the man], ‘Go; your son will live.’ The man believed the word that Jesus spoke to him and started on his way.” John 4:50

Time: 30-33 CE

Background: Jesus’ healings were the second sign of seven that Jesus performed in the Gospel of John. After each sign, there was a dialog, and then Jesus explained his sign.

The question that arose with Jesus’ healings was about his authority to do so. Jesus explained that his authority came from “the Father,” which was itself a blasphemous (offensive against God) statement. Jesus was putting himself on the same plane with God, which was an unthinkable sin.

Community: What words are spoken in public that are blasphemous, or offensive against God today? Who speaks them and who speaks against them? What is an appropriate response? What might you say, and to whom would you speak? What blasphemous words have you spoken? How might you make amends for the harms caused by those words?

At Home: What has Jesus promised you that you believe without doubt? What has Jesus promised that you are having trouble believing? How does your doubt and your faith shape how you speak and act throughout each day?

Read This Week:
Monday, Feb 10, Thanksgiving for Deliverance, Psalm 40:1-5

Tuesday, Feb 11, Thanksgiving for Deliverance, Psalm 40:6-8

Wednesday, Feb 12, Thanksgiving for Deliverance, Psalm 40:9-10

Thursday, Feb 13, Thanksgiving for Deliverance, Psalm 40:11-12

Friday, Feb 14, Thanksgiving for Deliverance, Psalm 40:13-15

Saturday, Feb 15, Thanksgiving for Deliverance, Psalm 40:16-17


Next Week: Sunday, Feb 16, Bread of Life, John 6:35-59