Living in Response to God’s Amazing Love – week 4

This past Sunday we continued our five week worship series – Living in Response to God’s Amazing Love. During this series we are looking at spiritual resources that can help us to take solid steps in faith formation. In each service, one or two of our members will talk about what that theme has meant in their lives. As we look at how we live in response to God’s love through worship, giving, learning, prayer and serving there will be opportunity for each of us to prayerfully consider what one step forward in each of these areas would look like for us. During the last service of the series we will have a chance to covenant with God on how we will work to deepen our faith, taking steps in one or more of these areas.

This week, Pastor Ian and Pastor Eileen were away on a much deserved holiday.  During the worship we were blessed to have Brandon Salyzyn and Darlene Weber speak on the topic of prayer.   Each spoke of their person experience and their words were an encouragement to all.

Next week the topic is “serve” and we look forward to hearing from Norma Lorincz as we continue this worship series.




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