Living in Response to God’s Amazing Love – week 3

This past Sunday we continued our five week worship series – Living in Response to God’s Amazing Love. During this series we are looking at spiritual resources that can help us to take solid steps in faith formation. In each service, one or two of our members will talk about what that theme has meant in their lives. As we look at how we live in response to God’s love through worship, giving, learning, prayer and serving there will be opportunity for each of us to prayerfully consider what one step forward in each of these areas would look like for us. During the last service of the series we will have a chance to covenant with God on how we will work to deepen our faith, taking steps in one or more of these areas.

This Sunday the theme was learn. We talked at our tables about our earliest memeories of learning in church and how we might take another step in the area of learning.

Dee Downing shared how learning has shaped her faith experience, telling us how she felt she first needed to learn the bible in order to understand the art of Michelangelo. She wasn’t quite sure about God’s promise to put a bow in the sky as a sign of the covenant, picturing a giant bow and arrow, rather than a rainbow. Rev. Doug Kleintop at Edmonton Moravian Church gave her some suggestions and resources and she was on her way. Dee noted taht nothing makes you dig deeper than when you are teaching others, and that this has helped greatly. In her learning. Dee has discovered over and over how scripture is alive and able to teach and console and ublift and encourage.

In the children’s message Ian talked with Declan about how we learn, taking his examples from Kindergarten and showing how we can apply them to learnign about God. Finding a place where teachers will teach you, making sure to still learn at home, lots and lots of practice, and learning together, and daddy, don’t wait until the last minute to try and learn everything.

Ian preached on Deuteronomy 6::4-9 and Matthew 13:1-11. He shared memories and lessons from Mrs. Perry, his pre-school teacher. He let us know how one of her lessons from “water day” helped him pass an Earth Sciences exam in University…although he didn’t remember Mrs. Perry using the word evapotranspiration. The main theme of the message was that we learn better from those who are passionate about their students and subject, and that Jesus was the ultimate teacher, indeed passionate about his students and the subject of the Kingdom. Ian also talked about the joy of learning, the excitement of knowing something new and the affirmation of going deeper on a familiar subject, asking us to remember the most excited we’ve ever been to learn something and challenging us to step towards that in learning about God.

This week the theme is “pray” and the scripture is Colossians 4:2-6, 1 Thesalonians 5:13b-2, and Matthew 6:9-13. Brandon Salyzyn will share how prayer has impacted his relationship with God.

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