Living in Response to God’s Amazing Love week 2

This past Sunday we continued our five week worship series – Living in Response to God’s Amazing Love.  During this series we are looking at spiritual resources that can help us to take solid steps in faith formation.   In each service, one or two of our members will talk about what that theme has meant in their lives.  As we look at how we live in response to God’s love through worship, giving, learning, prayer and serving there will be opportunity for each of us to prayerfully consider what one step forward in each of these areas would look like for us.  During the last service of the series we will have a chance to covenant with God on how we will work to deepen our faith, taking steps in one or more of these areas.


This Sunday the theme was give.  We talked at tables about our favourite experiences in giving and how we decide what and where to give.


Marjoire Schmidt shared her experience with giving.  She made the pastors a little bit nervous as she talked about giving livestock as was common in the Old Testament.  Ian and Eileen were greatly relieved when she talked about giving actual money instead of animals (although we did consider sheep might be good for cutting the grass!)  Marge shared how giving is related to her trust in God.  She recommended that we take the leap and trust God.


In the children’s message Ian attempted to involve the children as actors in a skit.  If things went as planned,  Ian would have pretend purchased fries for two children, one of whom kept them all and wouldn’t let Ian have any (even though he purchased them) and the other child would have given some to Ian while still having plenty for herself, thus provide an object lesson on giving.  What we learned instead is that some of our kids don’t like McDonalds fries and that all of the children have excellent improvisational acting skills.


Ian preached on Malachi 3:10 and 2 Cor. 9:7-8, reminding us that we are not called to give out of obligation, pressure or guilt.  We are called to give out of an awareness of the abundance we have from God and we are to be cheerful givers, giving not until it hurts but until it feels good.   What would one step forward in your relationship with God in the area of giving look like for you?


This week the theme is “learn” and the scripture is Deuteronomy 6:6-9 and Matthew 13:1-11.  Dee Downing will share how learning has impacted her relationship with God.


Blessings – and see you on Sunday!


Eileen and Ian

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