Living in Response to God’s Amazing Love – week 1

This past Sunday we started our five week worship series – Living in Response to God’s Amazing Love.  We will be looking at spiritual resources that can help us to take solid steps in faith formation.   In each service, one or two of our members will talk about what that theme has meant in their lives.  As we look at how we live in response to God’s love through worship, giving, learning, prayer and serving there will be opportunity for each of us to prayerfully consider what one step forward in each of these areas would look like for us.  During the last service of the series we will have a chance to covenant with God on how we will work to deepen our faith, taking steps in one or more of these areas.

This Sunday the theme was worship.  We talked at tables about why we came to worship this particular Sunday and other days.

Sharon Dimond shared her experiences of worship and how they have changed over time.  As a little girl she thought that there must be a German God as her grandfather prayed in German (her grandmother assured her that there was one God, who understood all languages).   Sharon loved the music and singing in church from an early age, making up the words when she was too young to read them.  Sharon talked about different parts of the worship service and their importance to her.  She shared how she was initially resistant to the tables but now enjoys the time spent both answering the questions and sharing in each other’s lives.   Sharon’s worship is not limited to her time in church but occurs at other times and places – and in times of silent reflection.  We were blessed to hear Sharon’s witness.

In the children’s message Declan answered questions about what we do in worship and offered a prayer of thanks for the church and the people in it which Eileen echoed.

Eileen preached on Psalm 66:1-4 and Hebrews 10:23-25.   She talked about relationships as proceeding by steps – and that as we take steps in our relationship with God how God meets us and is delighted by our movement.   Part of the definition of the word worship is what we give worth to.  She asked where we spend our time as a measure of what we give worth to.  From the psalm, all the earth gives praise to God – we worship God in a variety of places and are encouraged to do so, especially as we travel this summer.  From Hebrews, we are to encourage, motivate, spur, provoke one another to worship.  Even as we take individual steps in our response to God’s love, we do so with the support and encouragement of our community.

Next week Ian is back and will be preaching on Malachi 3:10 and 2 Cor. 9:7-8.   We will hear testimony from Marge Schmidt and we will consider how we respond to God’s amazing love for us through our giving.

Blessings – and see you on Sunday!


Eileen and Ian

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