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lnterested in starting a gleaning proiect?


There is a lot of produce in our area that goes unpicked. There is interest in beginning a gleaning project in Strathcona County that would work with the Food  Bank, shelters, faith groups, community organizations to ensure that the wonderful produce grown  in Strathcona County  can all be used up. There are a number of Health Department inspected kitchens in Strathcona County and people with expertise that could help with this project. There  are also community garden projects that are already giving  away their surplus, used by the Food Bank, community meals or making into jams,  pickles, pies etc. for  sale or to give away to community feeding programs. Edmonton has a very active group that harvest products and make delicious jams which they sell at local farmers markets with the profits going to community projects.

I ended up picking apples from my neighbours trees and making applesauce  in the  last two years. It would be great  if this year the surplus  apples, rhubarb, berries, zucchinis etc. could be  used to support local organizations.

If you are interested in exploring how you might be involved, please contact me at

strathconacountygleaners @


Annie McKitrick


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