Readings for December 30 to January 5

Simeon and Anna Celebrate Jesus

December 30 ,2012

Luke 2:21-38

Key Verses: “Simeon took [Jesus] in his arms and praised God, saying, ‘Master, now you are dismissing your servant in peace, according to your

word; for my eyes have seen your salvation, which you have prepared in the presence  of all peoples.” Luke 2:28-31

Time: 4 B.C.E.

Since Last Week: When Luke told an account of an event, he often paired it with a similar event using a person of the opposite gender. Before the angel proclaimed Jesus’ birth to Mary, an angel proclaimed the birth of John to Zechariah, John’s father. Mary’s song of praise was mirrored by Zechariah’ s song of praise. The birth stories of John and Jesus both included the 8th day circumcision, an important naming, a miracle, and a proclamation.

Background: Luke was careful to identify the main characters as devout Jews. According to tradition, after the ritual circumcision, Jesus, Mary’s firstborn, was to be dedicated to God in the temple. The devout man, Simeon, had been guided by the Spirit to enter the temple and watch for the one who was the Lord’s Messiah. When Mary entered with Jesus, Simeon proclaimed Jesus was the one who had been revealed by the Spirit. In keeping with Luke’s pattern of pairing, the prophet Anna also recognized Jesus as the one to redeem Jerusalem.

Community: What’s the meaning of your name? Do you have a title or an identity? How does your name, title, or identity shape how behave in the world? How do they shape how people treat you?

At Home: How can you honor your family name? How can your name honor you?

Read This Week:

Monday: Purification of a Woman after Childbirth, Leviticus 12:1-8

Tuesday: The Law Concerning Dedication of Firstborns, Exodus 13:1-16

Wednesday: Levites Become Substitutes for Firstborns, Numbers 3:40-51

Thursday: God’s Servant, Isaiah 42:1-9

Friday: The Boy Jesus is Found in the Temple, Luke 2:39-52

Saturday: Laws Concerning Festivals, Exodus 23:10-17

Next Week: John Baptizes Crowds, Luke 3:1-22


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