Readings for November 18 to 24

God Calls Isaiah

November 18,2012

Isaiah 6:1-8

Key Verses: “Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?’ And I said, ‘Here am I; send me!”‘ Isaiah 6:8

Time: Occurs between 740 – 490 B.C.E.

Since Last Week: Many prophets, both major and minor, prophesied on God’s behalf during this terrible time. Prophesies proclaimed lament and hope, judgment and promise.

Background: Isaiah contains three sections, each addressing a different period in Israel’s history. First Isaiah (chapters 1-39) was written before the divided kingdom was conquered, although Israel, Judah, Syria, and Assyria were already in conflict. Second Isaiah (chapters 40-55) was written 100 years later, after their conqueror, Assyria, had weakened, and Babylon became a threat. Babylon conquered Jerusalem and destroyed the temple.

Third Isaiah (chapters 56-66) was written 70-80 years after that, and spoke of God’s goodness. Cyrus of Persia had conquered Babylon and freed the exiled Israelites, allowing them to return home and rebuild the temple.

When Isaiah was called to speak for God, he was terrified because no one looked upon the face of God and lived. He knew that he came from a people who were “unclean” and filled with sin. God cleansed him with fire and called him to speak.

Community: Are there prophets among you today? What prophetic message do you think God sends today?

 At Home: How does God speak to you? What does God call you to do?

Read This Week:

Monday: The Peaceful Kingdom, Isaiah 1 1:1-10

Tuesday: Impending Judgement on the Earth, Isaiah 24:1-23

Wednesday: God’s People Are Comforted Isaiah 40:1-11 (or 40:l-3 1)

Thursday: A Hymn of Praise, Isaiah 42: l0-20

Friday: The Suffering Servant, Isaiah 52: 13-53:12

Saturday: A Promise of Abundant Life, Isaiah 55:1-13

Next Week: Jeremiah Writes a Scroll, Jeremiah 36:1-8, 2l-23, 27-28; then 31:31-34


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