Readings for October 14 to 20

Rev. Gary Marsh will be offering the message on Sunday, October 14.  The sermon is called:  “The Why Behind It All”.  Scriptures he will be using are:  Matthew 16:13-18; Psalm 90:12-17 and Hebrews 4:14-16


Hannah  Praises God for  Samuel

October 14, 2012

1 Samuel 1:9-11, 19-20; 2:1-10

Key Verses:  “In due time Hannah conceived and bore a son. She named him Samuel, for she said, ‘I have asked him of the Lord.”‘ 1 Samuel l:20

Time: About 1050 B.C.E.

Since Last Week: The people of Israel wandered the desert for 40 years before God allowed Joshua to invade Canaan, the Promised Land. After the Israelites settled in Canaan, God appointed judges to keep the peace and to speak for God. God’s judges included Deborah, Gideon, and Samson, whose stories can be found in the book of Judges. Nestled between the books of Judges and Samuel is Ruth, a story of two women who worked together to care for each other. Ruth was great-grandmother of David, and was an important part of Jesus’ lineage.

Background: Hannah was a barren woman who lamented over not bearing a child. She prayed to God for a child, promising the child to God’s service. God gave her Samuel, whom Hannah gave to be raised in the temple. At that time the people of Israel wanted to become a more unified state and powerful empire, ruled by a king like the surrounding kingdoms. This was a shift from the loosely connected 12 tribes that had been led by God and the judges. Samuel grew up to be one of God’s prophets, and advisor to the newly appointed kings.

Community: What are the benefits and drawbacks for Israel to shift from a tribal nation to a kingdom? How might our political system serve God?

At Home: What have you asked God for that still awaits an answer? What did you bargain in return for a favorable answer? Does God require something in exchange for answered prayer? Where do you see God working while you wait for the answer?

Read This Week:

Monday: God Calls Samuel, 1 Samuel 3:1-18

Tuesday: The Ark of God Captured, 1 Samuel 4:2-11, 6:2, 11-13 (or 4:2-6:16)

Wednesday: Samuel Anoints Saul as King, 1Samuel 9:27-10:8, l0 17-27

Thursday: Saul Rejected and David Anointed, 1 Samuel 16: l-13 (or 15: l-16:13)

Friday: David Defeats Goliath, 1 Samuel 17:19-27, 38-51 (or 17:1-54)

Saturday: David Brings the Ark to Jerusalem, 2 Samuel 6: l-23

Next Week: God Promises David’s Kingdom Will Endure, 2 Samuel 7:l-17

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