Pastors and board looking for feedback.

We’re looking for your feedback.  Several visitors came up to Ian and I and mentioned how much they liked the cafe format as a way to feel a part of the congregation in a very safe manner.  We have also noticed that our connections with visitors and with each other are strengthened when  we spend that time in conversation at the beginning of worship.    In a small church it can be pretty tough to be a visitor – you stand out like a sore thumb – and the cafe format seems to ease this significantly.  We are wondering if there is a way to combine the benefits of cafe church with the things that people really like from the more traditional service.  What are your thoughts and ideas?  Which way to you worship best?  feel most connected to your faith community?  What is missing for you?  Thanks for your input!

This fall we are going to take a different approach to choosing the scripture for worship. We have traditionally followed the revised common lectionary.  Christians around the world choose from similar readings each week and there is benefit both to the discipline of the lectionary (so Ian and I don’t just pick passages we really like to preach on)  and the idea that we are joining with Christians around the world in hearing and proclaiming the same scripture.   A major drawback to the revised common lectionary is that many things are out of sequence and, especially for people who are less familiar with the whole of scripture, the sense of the progression of scripture and some of the significance of the readings is lost.  This year we are going to use a new lectionary, the narrative lectionary, in worship each week.  In this way we will go through scripture in a more systematic fashion and the progression through the church year will hopefully be more meaningful.  We’ll be providing some questions for reflection during the week and additional bible readings to do at home to fill in a bit more.  We look forward to your feedback as we journey together through scripture in this new way.

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